MCrypt Seminar in Cryptography

August 11-15, 2014
Les Deux Alpes, France

The MCrypt seminar in cryptography will take place in Les Deux Alpes (France) from Monday August 11 to Friday 15, 2014. The seminar aims at bringing together researchers in cryptography from academia and industry interested in both the theoretical aspects of cryptography and its real-world applications.

The seminar will be a mix of tutorials, presentations and informal discussions, in the afternoons. Mornings will be free for social activities.


The seminar will take place during five days from Monday, August 11, to Friday, August 15 in Les Deux Alpes, a ski resort in the French Isere département, 71 km drive southeast of Grenoble. In summer, Les Deux Alpes offers various activities, such as hiking, summer skiing, mountain biking, glacier walking, etc.

The seminar will take place at the Amphibia Congress Center.


  • Jean-Sebastien Coron (University of Luxembourg). Fully-homomorphic encryption

Confirmed speakers

  • Sylvain Guilley (Telecom ParisTech). Side-channel attacks and error-correcting codes.
  • Ilya Kizhvatov (Riscure). Side-channel evaluations and related challenges.
  • Emmanuel Prouff (ANSSI). Side-channel attacks
  • Matthieu Rivain (CryptoExperts). Provable Security Against Physical Attacks.
  • Benjamin Smith (INRIA and Ecole Polytechnique). The geometry of efficient key exchange.
  • Srinivas Vivek Venkatesh (University of Luxembourg). Fast polynomial evaluation over binary fields and application to higher-order side channel countermeasures.
  • Damien Vergnaud (ENS). Discrete-Logarithm Based Authentication Schemes with Partially Known Nonces.


Registration cost is 100 euros, and 50 euros for students. Registration only covers participation to the seminar; it does not cover food and accommodation. Accommodation must be registered independently.

To register to the seminar, please send an email to the organizers below, with (optionally) a proposal for a presentation; this can be an informal presentation of some ongoing work, or a presentation already given (or to be given) at some crypto conference.


Les Deux Alpes offers many possibilities for accommodation, in hotels or residences.

Hotel rooms are available at special rate at Hotel Valentin, Les Deux Alpes. Single room: 290 euros for 4 nights, half board. Twin room: 240 euros for 4 nights, half board.

Family and children

Les Deux Alpes include children reception facilities in which children can stay during the day and have various activities.
  • Bonhomme de neige childcare center (6 months to 2 yo)
  • Bonhomme de neige children center (2 yo to 6 yo)
  • Bonhomme de neige leisure center (6 yo to 12 yo)


  • Jean-Sebastien Coron, University of Luxembourg.
  • Emmanuel Prouff, ANSSI.